Azuan Technologies is a Colombian company with more than ten years of experience in security and protection of online information, always working hand in hand with the financial sector and government creating the most innovative and robust security solutions in the market.

We want to be your perfect ally for the security of your information and the confidence of your company with your customers and partners.


We are committed to provide the best solutions to secure the information in the endpoint which at the end is the most vulnerable point. We protect the endpoint to shield any transaction or session and keep away any modern threats without relying on virus databases or such.

"We seek to avoid Internet fraud, a nightmare in

today's times that financially affects large, medium, and small   companies."


Our tools are based on patented technology n° US9369439B2. 


All our products guarantee easy integration with your business systems. We deploy on-premises or On-cloud. Contact us for more information. 


You and your company will have a 24/7 personalized support to attend all your inquiries and requirements. 

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