Use cases

Workforce securing

Keeping the workforce enabled for remote work results in many benefits, but it must be kept in mind that the company must provide the necessary means to guarantee information security and, in turn, productivity. Our solution enhances the security of the end point and productivity through out several mechanisms to keep the collaborator focused and that the company knows in detail all the actions executed during a work session.   

Working from home is the new world order. With all its advantages, there is a risk as well and a challenge for companies, especially because they cannot control what they cannot see in person. But this is easily solved by our solution.

How does Azuan help?

Our solution considers both factors. Azuan focuses on generating the most controlled and secure virtual workspace according to the needs of the company. The fact of being able to measure user activity or being able to control what they have access to and what they do not, contributes to create a solid foundation for enabling security and productivity.