endpoint security solution 

A powerful and innovative solution, focused on protecting end users against phishing attacks, malware and other threats that may compromise the security of their transactions, taking care of handling sensitive information in Banking, Corporate or Government. Pioneers in the use of defensive techniques based on processes isolation and hardware ID as a multifactor layer.  

Key Benefits:

Low Costs  

In implementation and operation.

Fraud Reduction

Eliminate financial and reputational losses from malware and phishing attacks.

Deployment Times

Production times up to 4 weeks.


Data available for security audit analysis.


Activity report for IT department analysis.


Increases user confidence when using the Bank or Institution's transactional portal.

Key Features:

Isolated workspaces to run controlled processes


Creates on demand a safe and isolated workspace called AzBunker®, where a fortified barrier is created on-the-fly to prevent any threat, virus, RAT, worm, Trojan, etc., to get access to the secure session.Read More...
Authentication in encrypted layer


In addition to SSL/TLS protocols, an additional custom protocol is used to protect the data exchange in the client authentication process.  Read More...   
Second factor authentication 2FA with Hwid


Use of unique identifiers, specific to the devices from which the connection originates. Thus, access to the system will be rejected so that only the previously REGISTERED devices will be able to get access to the system.  Read More...   


Monitoring and reporting
Monitors and collects information in different reports for audit analysis purposes such as forensic analysis and system usage statistics.


Easy integration
AZUANTRUST does not require complex, expensive and time-consuming processes to be integrated into the Banking authentication process or flow. Additionally, our solution has low licensing costs, resulting in a high ROI for the Bank. Read More...

Use cases:

Banking security

1 out of 3 attacks are targeting Corporate Online Banking users. AZTRUST provides an innovative approach to be implemented in online Banking to shield any user transaction and deliver high end point protection against banking threaths. 


Money transfer agencies protection

Financial services including money trasnfer agents needs to handle privileged information on PCs where security conditions may not be guaranteed. AZTRUST solution is designed to provide a security scheme that guarantees the protection required to prevent any fraud coming from malware, threats or malicious activity of users. 


Azuan in Numbers:


Protected Users

​+278 M

of successful transactions.