Use  cases

Productivity measurement and support

Companies require their employees to be productive when working on-site or remotely. For years, companies have developed controls and mechanisms that allow them to establish rules and controls for on-site work. 

Each scenario has its particularities and it is necessary that in the case of remote work the company also has the mechanisms to measure and promote productivity.


It allows companies to monitor in detail what employees do during their active work sessions.   

It makes it easier for the company to establish policies to create productive scenarios. For example: Internet browsing policies, application usage policies, file and information access policies.  

Information security

The user could compromise sensitive company information by unintentional, accidental or completely intentional actions.


Strict monitoring of each action taken, allowing the company to proactively and reactively verify actions that put information security at risk.   

The system helps to detect and identify hidden threats that may put the user's and the company's information at risk. Threats such as Trojans, key loggers, rats, etc. are popular and their objective is to subtract sensitive user data in order to gain access to valuable information and assets to be stolen.  

The information collected by Waba makes it possible to carry out detailed forensic investigations and identify where a security breach can or has occurred.  

Regulatory scenarios

Many companies must comply with third party policies in order to work with them. For example, government, banking corporations, insurance companies, private pension funds, etc.  

The challenge is to guarantee regulatory compliance.  


Tracking the identification of information and behavior that violates established regulations.  

To record relevant information that satisfies auditing processes.  

Guarantee the proper handling of the information received and managed by users according to established policies.  

BPO - Call Center

The nowadays technological evolution and the continuous effort to boost productivity and reduce costs in companies has allowed some business process functions to be subcontracted or outsourced, originating BPO(business process outsourcing). One of these scenarios corresponds to the Call Centers.

Those service providers must guarantee the security of the information of their partners or clients and shield themselves against possible threats, espionage, or data leakage and additionally provide a restricted work environment that allows the collaborator to focus and not to make mistakes that could compromise the security of the information.


The WABA system monitors workers during their workday, generating reports and a complete record of activities for company traceability. 

Whether the worker performs his tasks in the office or in a remote work environment, his machine will always be protected within a secure and isolated workspace, preventing malware from stealing session data due to negligent or intentional actions of the employee.

WABA focuses on the productivity of your employees. It measures the time spent in a session and the time of work inactivity and which processes were activated during each session.

WABA prevents users from being impersonated by providing a multi-factor identification mechanism through our secure protocol based on hardware identifiers. Forget about passwords and username to guarantee a secure access to the remote sessions.

WABA allows the company to manage user restrictions, enabling or blocking the execution of different applications and processes according to its own policies. This ensures that the employee only uses and executes what has been previously approved by the administrator and only can browse internet according to the administrator policies.